Tyler received help from LEAP employment services
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General Labourer
Tyler has been and continues to be a lifelong fan of the Hagersville Hawks. He had been happily volunteering for the team for nearly 10 years. Tyler’s duties included filling the water bottles, putting the jerseys out, cleaning the locker room, and occasionally helping to sell 50/50 tickets to fundraise for the team. Tyler would travel to away games and was there for the 2011/2012 season when they won the championship. The arena was truly his happy place.
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I got full time job with benefits now and I’m in the union so I feel pretty good. It’s been really excellent. I really love working here everyone is very nice to me.

Tyler reports that he always wanted to get a paid job with the Hawks, but he didn’t think it was possible. What Tyler didn’t realize was that an opportunity was being collaboratively developed through Ready, Willing and Able (Community Living Ontario), Haldimand County, and Leap Employment Services.

Once a position had been created, Employment Facilitators from Leap Employment Services met with the Management of the Parks and Recreation Department at the Hagersville Arena. They presented Tyler as an ideal candidate and an interview was scheduled. Prior to the interview, Tyler admitted to feeling very nervous, despite his years of experience with the Hawks. The Employment facilitators at Leap coached Tyler, helped him to prepare for the interview and attended with him. Following the interview Tyler was offered the position.

Now, thanks to the collaborative efforts of these organizations, Tyler gets paid to do what he loves. Tyler is now a full-time employee of Haldimand County with a steady paycheque, health benefits, a pension, and he has all but eliminated his reliance on ODSP support.

When asked about looking for work in the past, Tyler stated that he found it difficult to find a good job in Hagersville that paid well and that he was interested in. When asked what he would do if someone else were in his position and looking for work, Tyler states that he would “tell them to go to Leap Employment Services. It was easy to access the program because they came to me.” Tyler reports that working for the Hawks at the arena has been a dream come true and states “I am never, ever leaving this job, I love working here.”

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