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Shortly after connecting with Leap, he was hired by the Norfolk Potato Company. He began his position as a labourer in July 2023. The Full-time employment opportunity is a great place where he is successfully learning a variety of tasks and roles within the company.
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I like working with the boxes and machines, working makes me feel good and happy.

First, he began building a knowledge base, including learning about the company’s health and safety policies, working with a team, life management skills, and specific job tasks. William maintained a positive attitude and made a good impression during this early phase of employment, learning what is expected by the employer and working well with his teammates. The opportunity also helped William to learn what he likes and doesn’t like about different jobs, as well as where his skills fit best. This has become an ideal place for discovering what kind of job he wants to work towards to gain permanent employment and independence in the future.

William is ready each day, showing enthusiasm towards his work and interacting with his coworkers. He arrives at work prepared, building on what he learned the previous day by being aware of what went well and what could make the job go more smoothly, such as new work gloves, which were covered by the Employment Ontario funded program.

Wiliam’s first task was building boxes, an introduction to the manufacturing process that he thoroughly enjoyed. He then moved onto his next task of quality control, which he excelled in and continues to work at. His job is the first step in the series of conveyer belts that bring the potatoes in from the truck to process. His tasks include standing at the conveyer belt of dirty potatoes where he picks out any weeds, rocks, or debris to ensure the machines can run smoothly through the next step of the process, the washing. It’s a demanding job with long periods of time standing and focusing, but William says he enjoys it, and he does a great job. He even finds small metal objects and big rocks sometimes.

William tells us, “I like working with the boxes and machines, working makes me feel good and happy, my work friends are funny, and my boss is funny. I just like getting up early and getting a Tim Horton’s on the way to work.”

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